Warm congratulations on Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Fine Chemical Co., ltd.!  
  Sponge Platinum
  Sponge palladium
  Stabilized chlorine dioxi
  Feed grade Calcium propio
  AE stabilizer(Antioxidant
  Antioxidant 168
  Polyethylene wax
  YZ-PE-20 premix
  Calcium stearate
  Polymerization inhibitor
  Cobaltous carbonate & man
  Polyethylene oxide
  n-propyl acetate

Quality policy:Advanced technology,person-oriented, quality first, customer supreme.

Quality target:According to the product characteristics of our company, we organize production in accordance with enterprise standard, trade standard and national standard; Establish high-quality, high-efficient documentation quality control system;Product qualified rate has reached 100%; qualified rate of random test has reached 100%.


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